SmilingDog​ Farms

                                                                                 A Non-Profit501(c)3

                            A​​ Warm Welcome From All Of Us:

We are a "Last Resort" for dogs who have run out of options and are facing certain death.  Our mission is to care for those dogs who have nowhere else to go.

Our dogs  have come for many, varied reasons.  Some have medical issues, some have behavioral challenges, some are older, senior dogs and some just ran out of time at a shelter and would have been put down if they had not come here. 

Dogs who have challenges that prevent them from being adopted can live out their lives here at the farm in safety and peace, where no one will bother them and they will not be in danger of being put down, just for being who they are.

Some dogs who came here labeled "unadoptable" have been able to have families after spending time with us here at the farm and learning to trust people.

​Many of the dogs who have come here are adoptable.  We have an excellent adoption program, and find great families for the dogs who can be adopted.  Our goal is to rehome as many of the dogs who came here as possible!